2016 Reunion

June 23-26, 2016 Reunion in the Southwest

by JD Moya '70


How time flies! 2015 saw us all gather at St. Francis Seminary for our annual gathering of alumni at “The Farm.”  It was indeed a time of reuniting and sharing memories and all who were there left with a “Thank-God-I-Attended” feeling.  It’s like going to confession:  you don’t really think you need to go but when you walk out of the confessional you sure are glad you went.

2016 will see us all in the Southwest for our annual reunion in beautiful Albuquerque.  I have volunteered to manage the time and activities for this reunion with, of course, help from all the SW alumni. For those of you who know me, you know I like to have a good time so be prepared to have just that…a good time.

Barbecue, wine, and fellowship will be at my house Thursday evening.  Dinner on Friday will be at an outstanding restaurant which will showcase local food. Mass and dinner on Saturday will be at the Province’s new Juan Diego Friary, a beautiful new facility that has a lovely chapel and ample room for our gathering. 

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, has graciously accepted our invitation to celebrate the Saturday late-afternoon Mass for all of us.  Mass with Fr. Richard Rohr is something that people travel all over the world to get to and you all can participate in that.

There is just so much to experience around Albuquerque; this is truly a travel destination.  I will be setting up excursions to Santa Fe, which Conde Nast continues to attest as a top 10 destination in all the United States.  In addition, the longest Tramway in the world is right there for us to ride on and have a drink 11,000 feet above sea level. The Indian pueblos are all around Albuquerque so that experience just adds to the fun.  In every one of the Pueblos you will see a church started by our Franciscan brothers hundreds of years ago.

More details will be coming as events are booked and will be posted to this webpage as they become available.

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Will you be there?  Send us an email and let us know.  Please include your graduation year and any guests who may be attending with you.

 Where to Stay

Arrangements have been made for us to stay at the Holiday Inn and Suites Albuquerque North I-25.  The street address is 5050 Jefferson Street NE.  It is right off the I-25 freeway so we will have easy access to go pretty much anywhere.  The room rate is $94.00 a night plus tax; this rate includes breakfast for 2!.  The group rate is under the name "Franciscan Alumni Association" and is valid until two weeks before June 23rd.  After that it is $129.00 with no breakfast.  The phone number to make reservations is 505-944-2222.

The Schedule 


5:30 pm until late evening - Dinner party and entertainment hosted by JD Moya, class of ’70, at his home: 9300 Seabrook Drive, Albuquerque, NM 87111.  Use your GPS or MapQuest for directions. This is a gated community and you will need to use the visitor entrance off Academy Blvd. which is just around the corner from the main/resident entrance.


7:30 am - Morning Prayer in the Boardroom - Holiday Inn

Breakfast included in the room rate at Holiday Inn

9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Various excursions throughout the area.  There will be information available at JD’s house on Thursday and at the hotel.

5:30 pm - Fr. Murry Bodo Book Signing and Evening Dinner at Saucy's Italian Bistro, 2912 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE (505-294-2990)

Our group has the Patio and a private room.  There will be a pre-fixed menu of various entrees with drink (non-alcoholic), appetizer, salad, entrée, and dessert for $21.95 per person.

After dinner beverages and snacks at the hotel.


7:30 am - Morning Prayer in the Boardroom - Holiday Inn

Breakfast included in the room rate at Holiday Inn

9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Continuation of various excursions throughout the area.

1:00 pm – Set up tables and chairs at the Franciscan Retirement Center (volunteers needed!).  San Juan Diego Friary, 1350 Lakeview Road SW, Albuquerque, NM, 87105

3:00 pm – Tour of Archives of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province at San Juan Diego Friary (???)

5:30 pm - Mass, Dinner, Awards Ceremony, and Remembrance Service.  Fr. Richard Rohr will be the main celebrant at Mass, with all the Franciscan priests joining him.


Continue sightseeing and travel home safely!


Those Attending - so far

Murry Bodo OFM '55
Michael and Jeanette Erard '59
Richard Rohr OFM '61
Carl Langenderfer OFM '62 (Tentative)
Paul and Barbara LaRou '62
Daniel and Kate Martin '63
Bruce Michalek OFM '65 (Tentative)
Phil Zepeda '66
Bob Sandoval '69
Henry Beck OFM '70
Dave and Nan Imhoff '70
Rick and Michael Kasper '70
JD and Gale Moya '70
Dale S. Recinella '70
Rick and Kathy Wissel '70
Gary Bales '72
Ted Gomez '72
Pat and Liz Valdez '72
Paul Henderson '73
Mike Moran '73
Gary Recinella '74
Jim and Andrea Lubinski '74
Mike Thomas '74
Butch and Mary Beth Feldhaus '75
Rick and Kathryn Gardner '75
Warren, Ramona and Brooke Hebert '75
Mark and Sandy Kling '75
Mike Niklas '75
Paul, Carolyn and Carly Landers '76
Tom Shumate '77
Michael Niehaus '81