Mercy Community and Stonebridge at Winton Woods

Many alumni have wondered what became of the Seminary after it was closed.  The main building as become the Mercy Community at Winton Woods, a senior living community, and the grounds near the former handball courts and picnic house have become Stonebridge at Winton Woods, a senior retirement community.  You may wish to visit their home page at MERCYHEALTH Senior Living Webpage.

The Franciscan Alumni Association is very grateful to the management of these communities and MERCYHEALTH for the manner in which they have preserved the spirituality and religious history of the former St. Francis Seminary, and for granting us access during our reunions and meetings.  While the buildings and grounds have been remodeled and repurposed, it is still possible to immerse oneself in the spiritual peace we found during our time there.

An excellent example of the care taken of the grounds is the relocation of Calvary from the hill behind the gymnasium to the area that was once the swimming pool.  The black and white picture was taken at the foot of the statuary in 1974, the color photo was made in 2008.  The Garden Club has done a wonderful job with the upkeep of Calvary.  It has been the site of several of the Masses during our reunions.  If anyone has better photographs of these sites, please contact me.

Calvary circa 1974Calvary circa 1974

Calvary circa 2008Calvary circa 2008