Meldon Hickey, OFM

Fr. Meldon Hickey, OFM  was the 1999 recipient of the Franciscan Alumni Association Christian Life Award.

Born in Cincinnati, Fr. Meldon graduated from Roger Bacon in 1941.

Following his ordination in 1951, Fr. Meldon taught during the 1951-52 school year at Roger Bacon.  Since 1952, he has served in the southwest at Cathedral of St. Francis at Santa Fe (1952-1957), then in the missions at San Fidel (1957-1963), Jemez (1963-1973), Zuni (1973-1981), St. Theresa, Grants (1981-1984), Jemez Pueblo (1984-1985), and Farmington.

In Arizona, he served at Ft. Defiance and currently resides as Superior at St. Michaels Mission, St. Michaels.  He is a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province.  He served as the first Provincial of the newly created province, and is now serving as the Spiritual Director for the Diocesan Diaconate Program and the Cursillo Movement.

In his acceptance speech during the 1999 reunion in Albuquerque, Fr. Meldon recalled his first journey to the Southwest.  He was traveling with his classmate and friend, Fr. Aubert Grieser, who was also newly ordained.  He said Aubie was very funny but could also be annoying at times.  They were on the train from Cincinnati to New Mexico.  Aubert excitedly awoke Meldon in the middle of the night, at 3 a.m., and said, "Meldon, get up!  This train is terrific!  You gotta see the spectacular views!!"  They were in Kansas.

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