Larry Dunham, OFM

Fr. Larry Dunham, OFM is the Minister Provincial of the Franciscan Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Mike Niklas ˜75 received this correspondence from Fr. Larry Dunham, OFM in October 1999:

I have been meaning to email you or write for some time.  Truthfully, I have just been buried with transitioning out of my two offices in OLG (Development and Treasurer) and preparing to move here to Holland.  It has been a real struggle and I like nothing better than to whine and tell everyone just how much of a struggle, so let me get my mouth closed on that score and get on with business.

First, I want to thank you for all the incredible work you have done with the alumni.  I know everyone tells you that, and it is so true.  I really do wish I could have been there in Albuquerque for the reunion, which everyone out there said was indeed terrific.  I don't know if anyone had told you, but I had nearly a year before agreed to go on an Alaskan cruise with a large group from St. Patrick Parish in Galveston where I had been.  And of course it fell just at the time of the reunion.

Second, and speaking of the reunion, I want you to know I plan to repay you some way for putting my room and contents into your portfolio of pictures from that reunion.  "Towels stolen from the Friars Club" indeed.  I'll have you know I WAS the Friars Club (how's that for megalomania at one of its lowest levels?!!)  I damn near fell off my chair when those pictures scrolled onto my screen. And when I read your Friars Club towel crack, I let out a whoop and said: "Saturday morning work period for you Niklas, and two weeks of table cleaning".  Old habits die so slowly.  I appreciate a good zing, and you got me a good one.  I could only laugh.

You probably know I took a contract with the Army to be a civilian Catholic priest for this NATO base in southeastern Holland.  It is not a real demanding contract (nothing like Albuquerque was for me), so that should give me the opportunity to get around and see some parts of Europe.  Hope so.  Anyway, it goes to 30 September 2000, and then we will see what happens.  The Army no longer has enough military priests to cover all of their bases, so they have begun this contracting thing.  It doesn't pay much, but does give one more time than if he was in the military itself.
Speaking of military and being reminded of your pictures of my Navy ball caps, and thinking you once asked me a long time ago in an email what I had been doing... I really got around the Asian area when I was in the Navy, not to mention Desert Shield and Storm and all that stuff.  So you can see this assignment will help me be a little more balanced in my life with a look into the European side of things.

After the Navy, I took a year's sabbatical, and because I had found I loved traveling, decided to go to Bolivia.  It was great, and I managed to get around to all of the other countries in South America while I was there that year.  I really do miss Bolivia.

Well enough of my running at the mouth.  Let me know how you are doing.  I do miss the Seminary and all those experiences.  Of all my assignments as a friar, being the Dean (unfortunately the last one) was my absolutely happiest and most rewarding.  I always feel I got cut off way too early.  But enough.  You take care of yourself, and thanks for all you do for us.  God bless you.

Fr. Larry

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