Joe Sears '75

A short bio by Joe, circa 1995:

After SFS graduation, I attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated in June 1980 with a BS degree in engineering.  I accepted a job offer from Allison Transmission Div. of General Motors in Indianapolis, where I still live and work to this day.  I paid for college by working at Long John Silver's and delivering the Wall Street Journal.  I guarantee that getting up at 3:30 am to deliver papers is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds!  Fortunately, that greasy fish smell you get from working at LJS really attracts the babe!  In October 1981, I married the former Mary Segrist at St. Margaret Mary Church in North College Hill (just down the road from the Sem).  Mary worked for many years as a legal secretary in Cincinnati and Indy before "settling down" with family duties.  We have three children: Stephanie-born 7/9/85, Benjamin-born 1/1/87 and Elizabeth-born 9/22/88.  All three kids are now attending St. Christopher School in Speedway, IN, about a mile from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway racetrack, and seem to enjoy the academic and social aspects of going to school.  They also enjoy some of the common kid activities of soccer, roller-skating, Boy & Girl Scouts and watching Nickelodeon.

We purchased our first house in 1983 on the west side of Indy and lived there ten years.  We moved two years ago to our current home on Glenfair Ct., which is only a little over a mile from our first home.  However, it was a huge step up for us.  We practically doubled our living space, moved from the corner of a somewhat busy street to the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, have a tremendous number of additional amenities in the house and the neighborhood is much nicer.  All in all, we are extremely happy here and plan to stay in this house until retirement, or until we win the lottery.

In the summer of 1990 I was awarded a General Motors Fellowship Award and was preparing to go to Purdue full-time for graduate school.  I completed my Master's Degree work in mechanical engineering and graduated in December 1991.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of going back to school after working for ten years, except for brief periods of panic during mid-term and final exams.  Instead of being the "big man on campus", I was the "old man on campus".  It was a blast being around 19-year old coeds again at the ripe age of 34.  In all seriousness, it was very rewarding both personally and professionally.  I have occasional dreams of getting a Ph.D., but then reality sinks in and I have to take out the trashcans.

Like many of you, our lives stay extremely busy between the kids activities, the everyday tasks of child care, maintaining a home, autos and yard, and other activities that interest us. 

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