Jim Schrepfer '68

If anyone is interested in what happened to that adolescent teenager who attended St. Francis Seminary from September 1963 to June 1968, let me assure you I am still alive. I returned to Illinois (Metamora) and eventually graduated from Illinois State University in 1974. I taught for one year and then became a fireman with the Town of Normal. I have been fighting fires and performing Emergency Medical Services since 1976 and can't imagine doing anything else. I was fortunate to eventually be elected President of the Normal Fire Fighters Local 2442. Our Local Union made history and Time Magazine because we were sent to jail for 42 days. The whole Union went on strike to get our first contract and the Town decided to throw us in jail. We eventually were victorious.

I since have become Central District Vice President of the State Fire Fighters Union and help other unions across the State of Illinois negotiate contracts. I am married to the same lady for 24 years and have two children. Luke is 20 years old and attends The University of St. Francis in Joliet Illinois. His greatest success is making the baseball team as a freshman and hopes to receive a scholarship next year. If any of my classmates have a special connection to THE "Friar from Assissi", put in a good word for him. My daughter is 12 and is in Jr. High School. She is mostly into teenage things and WWF Wrestling.

Other than that, my life has been quite simple.

Jim would like to hear from y'all.

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