Dave Imhoff '70

Dave was born and raised in Cincinnati and attended St. Francis Seminary during his freshman - junior years, but felt the need to see "the outside" so he attended Roger Bacon for the senior year (1970).  As originally planned when he left St. Francis, he then rejoined his classmates at Duns Scotus for freshman year.  After the first year at DSC, Dave took a year off school while trying to decide what life work to undertake.  He met and married his wife, Nancy, just prior to UC while she was finishing nursing school.  He then attended the University of Cincinnati where he earned a BS in Respiratory Therapy. 

After college, Dave and Nan moved to Welch, West Virginia which is a small, isolated, coal-mining town in the southern part of the state.  After two interesting years and enduring a major flood, he relocated to Huntington, WV where he has been director of respiratory therapy (and now Home Health and Sleep Lab) at St. Mary's Hospital the past 21 years.  He obtained an MBA a few years ago and doesn't plan to go to school for any degrees again. 

Dave and Nan have three children: Lisa, Angela, and Nichole.  The last two children were/are home-schooled, which has made home life much more enjoyable compared to the rigidness of formal schools.  Angela did not see a classroom after 1st grade until she went to college.  She generally makes A's in college, which Dave and Nancy believe is due to the self-reliant philosophy instilled at home: "You don™t need someone to teach you things.  You just need to rely on yourself, ask some resource people for assistance and search for the information."

Dave met his best friends in the seminary and maintains close contact with several of them.  Dave was a barber at the seminary and remembers that some of the priests would often give him a pop card when he cut their hair.  During that period, seminarians did not have money but were able to purchase pop at specified times by having the pop master punch a hole in a pop card.  Dave was in the glee club only because he could play guitar (Fr. Aubert said he sang "like a stuck hog").  Dave also played clarinet in P. Aubert™s picnic day band.  Once on a whim, Dave and classmate Denny Huff (or was it John Bruder), jumped in the pond just before dinner.  At bedtime, both had severe itching all over and had to ˜fess up to Fr. Ric Schneider (disciplinarian and infirmarian).  Apparently they were allergic to the moss in the pond. 

Dave and his wife and youngest daughter recently visited former math teacher and spiritual director Fr. Dave (Dismas) Turnbull in the Philippines.  The Imhoffs were impressed with the poverty, friendliness, and spirituality of the people “ including the friars “ throughout their visit.

Dave always enjoys hearing from classmates.  If any of you have not kept in contact with Dave, please drop him a note.

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