Brennan McNulty '58

Brennan McNulty was the 1998 recipient of the Franciscan Alumni Association Humanitarian Award.

Brennan McNulty was born in Detroit in 1938.  After high school he joined the Marine Corps where he worked for 4 1/2 years in Intelligence.  Two years of work as a die setter preceded his decision to join the Franciscans in 1964.  He had applied for the Peace Corps, but they turned him down because his intelligence work for the Marines could have complicated his work in the Peace Corps.

Coming to Oldenberg in 1964, he was invested in the First Order in 1967.  After first profession in August 1968, he was assigned to St. Anthony Friary in Mt. Airy.  He left the friars in December 1969.

After employment at a truck company, Fuller Ford and New York Tech automotive school, in 1979 Brennan began teaching in the vocational education program (automotive department) for the Cincinnati Public Schools.  After seven years as a teacher, he moved in 1987 to his present full-time work at the automotive garage for the Cincinnati Public Schools.

In May 1970 Brennan married Bettyann Hufford.  They have four children (Michael Jill, Dorothy and Beth) plus six grandchildren.

Between 1971 and 1979, Brennan and Bettyann had 98 foster children who came to them through the Ohio Youth Commission (now the Ohio Department of Youth Services).  Most of these young people were with them short term, but a couple of them were with them for seven or eight years.  Brennan and Bettyann still hear from several of them.

Brennan enjoys running, swimming (at the Friars Club) and canoeing.  Brennan describes himself as a "Goodwill-holic".  He loves to find bargains, which he eventually passes on to others, sometimes to priests for distribution to those in need.  Both Brennan and Bettyann were active in the Community of Hope and are now active in St. Bernard Parish in Winton Place.

Brennan has also been a wonderful caregiver for Bettyann's mother, who lived with them while inflicted with Alzheimer's disease for two years until her death in 1988.  Subsequently Bettyann's brother Bob was diagnosed with brain cancer and received care by Brennan for two years until his death in 1994.  Bettyann says Brennan has always had a ministry inside or outside the Franciscan Order.

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