Bill Pellman '52

As most of you know, I went to St. Francis Seminary in 1948 and graduated in 1952.   We had a large, diverse class from all over the country.  We put on several plays authored by Fr. Ralph and had some really good sports teams.  Henry Grubler and I formed the Seminary's first tennis team.  I then went through the usual steps of formation at Duns Scotus College, where our class helped build the famous ice rink which sometimes held water.  We also helped get Camp Crownjoy off the ground, where many a happy vacation was spent.  We proceeded to Oldenburg for about two years until St Leonard's college was finished in Centerville.  We helped put that place on the map and our class was ordained in 1960.

After a year of internship, I returned to St. Francis Seminary and taught General Science, Biology and Physics there for 13 years.  I left the order and priesthood in 1975 and married my wife, Marilyn, in 1976.  We lived in the College Hill area of Cincinnati since 1977.  I taught in the Cincinnati Public Schools from 1975 until my retirement in 1998.  We have three adopted children, two of whom are still at home with us.  We both like sports and play tennis, golf and go skiing during the winter.

At present, (November 1999), I am having the time of my life.  I loved teaching but as some of you may remember I also love to learn new things.  So, I am going to Cincinnati Technical College and taking both aviation (everything you ever wanted to know or not know about airplanes) and flying lessons.  I am just about ready to take my solo cross country after which I have to take a check ride and pass some verbal and written tests.  Hopefully I will have this all done by Christmas.  I am taking it slow but then, I don't have any deadlines anymore.

I am also working with an old friend some of you may have known, Tom Schaefer.  We're rebuilding an antique airplane called a Staggerwing.  It was the Cadillac of the 1930's and was used extensively during World War II.  Hopefully we will finish it by next spring and fly around the country and visit all of you.

Bill is a member of the Franciscan Alumni Association Board of Trustees.

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