Aldric Heidlage, OFM

"Oh Ye Gods!"

You may have read in the Brown & White...
Meet FATHER ALDRIC HEIDLAGE, our new rector.  Father has had experience along these lines since he was vice rector last year.  Prior to that time, Father was principal of Cathedral High School, Gallup, New Mexico for four years and procurator at Roger Bacon High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, for twelve years.  Father has a master's degree from Catholic University, Washington, D. C., and is presently attending evening classes at Xavier University, picking up credits in math.  Over the years, Father has taught English, Latin, Greek, religion, sociology, algebra, and geometry.  Father calls Oldenburg, Indiana, his old stomping ground.

Fr. Aldric was a real math geek.  He enjoyed playing cards and was intrigued by gadgets that demonstrated mathematical concepts.  If computers had been accessible in his heyday, he surely would have been a computer nerd, too.  Aldric stirred fear in many a new freshman to the farm.  At first, there was the daily terror of being called upon in class to publicly demonstrate one's ignorance for Aldric had a wicked sense of humor.  How many of you recall something like this: "the pythagorean theorem has been applied in Cincinnati, in Kansas City, in Los Angeles, in Santa Fe, in Dayton, and in Atlanta... but NEVER, NEVER IN BATESVILLE. which was incredibly funny to all except perhaps the confused Batesvilian who was getting all the attention.

Fr. Aldric was a wise, kind, caring friar, loved and respected by his students and colleagues.  In later years, he served as archivist at St. Francis.  Aldric died in 1994.

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