Glee Club

The Glee Clubs of St. Francis Seminary have won many awards and honors over the years for their rich sound and attention to vocal dynamics.  Fr. Aubert Grieser insisted that every singer focus at least one eye on him at all times.  Memorization of all concert music enabled the boys to follow Fr. Aubert's very animated action as the conductor.  The result was an ensemble that sang as one.

Fr. Aubert had a passion for grand symphonies and classical music, but he was also a fan of jazz and slapstick. Many will recall him laughing (to the point of "snorting") as he shared his Spike Jones collection with us.  The repertoires he selected were strongly influenced by his varied interests, and the variety was a real crowd pleaser!

Take a few minutes and enjoy some of the Glee Clubs greatest hits!

Doctor Eisen Bart

El Rancho Grande

He's Got the Whole World

Hospodi Pomilui

Jimmy Brown

Marines in Brown

Panis Angelicus

We Sail the Ocean

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